Monday, April 15, 2019

Spring Expo winner is....

Congratulations to 
Nikki W. ~ Chappell NE.
Thanks for stopping by my booth at the Expo!
What can I do to help YOU be creative?

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Create happy DIY diffuser

We decorated my granddaughters diffuser using Chalk Couture paste and flowers with the affirmation “Be Strong” turned out great!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

You’ve joined us!!

You took the leap and signed up as a Chalk Couture Designer! Now what?!

If you're like me, you're on information OVERLOAD!!! 

There are lots of info in your Upline teams facebook groups along with watching the training videos, in your “my office” (Chalk university is the best tool for how to) it is somewhat over welming. Take a deep breath and just have fun learning about the products. Trying to understand that compensation chart can make you feel like you’re just spinning in circles! Don't worry, I'm here to help you!


When you sign up as a designer you'll get a one time use 50% off coupon (this is really an extra 10% off you're already awesome 40% off). This is a fantastic time to stock up on your supplies to hit the ground running with your first party!

        My first suggestion is to invite a few friends over to get creative with this fun stuff. This is a great chance to get your feet wet, work out any kinks, and get a feel for party flow!

   You're purely trying to get them out and enjoy a fun night out. This isn't your mama's tupperware party  (sorry Tupperware, you know I still use & love you!)   This is more of entertainment class, they aren't coming over to flip through a catalog.  They're creating something they can take home and really enjoy. Plus they are getting a few hours with their friends.  The best thing to do is post something on your social media like 

Who wants to comes to a chalkboard paint party?! You'll get to create your own unique decor piece, enjoy time out and have a fun!!"  Show and post a few picture to get some interest and then they'll be looking for your workshops. 

  You can either have everyone pay the day of, or you can have people pay ahead of time. You can use a system like paypal, or square to invoice them for the materials/class supplies ahead of time. Both are very safe and very easy to use. Are your FaceBook Social? Set up an event and VIP group on facebook that way people can see photo and ask you questions.

Club Couture psst.... customers only!

We’re offering nonstop inspiration—are you in? Join Club Couture™ for creativity delivered right to your door every month! What is Club Couture? 
Click here for more information!
With this subscription program, you will get an exclusive B-sized Chalk Transfer™ designed to be on trend, in season, and available ONLY through Club Couture, PLUS three coordinating Paste Singles and step-by-step instructions—everything you need to create a darling finished project. You also get in on exclusive discounts, bounce-back opportunities, and secret sales.
Club Couture is just $19.99 per month plus FREE shipping. Sign up for an initial 3-month commitment (you will not be billed today, you will be billed on the 5th of next month) and after that you will be billed month-to-month.
Once you click subscribe, you’ll see two additional purchase options appear below, but these add-ons are only available when you initially enroll in Club Couture™, so don’t miss this!
  1. Current month’s Club Couture™ for $19.99 (plus shipping, pending availability).
  2. Kickstart Kit at a discount price of $69.99 (plus shipping). This kit contains additional supplies to make life easy when creating a entire project and includes: Small Squeegee, two Board Erasers, Multi-Tool, Bright White paste and a couple of darling surfaces.     Psst... join my VIP Customer group on FB or contact me for a discount on the items in the kickstart kit.
Sign up now to start next month and you can add-on the Current Club transfer for $19.99

The steps to be creative

 Chalk Couture is a system of products that allow you to decorate professional chalkboards and just about anything! 
How does it work? Well simple. Here is the process you will take to make your own amazing professional looking chalkboards!

1) Choose Your surface or chalkboard.
Chalk couture surfaces do not need waxed, and come in a great variety of sizes. 
Now you can also use ANY surface, (wood, chalkboard, Craft store, hardware store)  as long as you prep your board using paste wax so the transfers don’t over stick to the surface. 

2) Choose a Transfer Design
We offer tons of different ways to decorate for ANY occasion. 

3) Choose  the colors of paste.
Use can use all one color or several colors 
You can even Layer your colors!

4) Remove and clean the transfers
Keeping the transfers in proper shape allow you to reuse them 8-10 times!

5)Step back and Admire 
How Awesome You Are!

Make-N-Take time

For a starter Make-N-Take (for first timers) I like to use the 5x7 boutique board and base. With A & B size selected transfers. Why, you ask? Because it is double sided and gives them a great start to learn how to use, clean and store transfers. 

Don't forget you can cut and combine transfers together!  I like to order a few decorative elements, like flowers or combine elements  to give people so extra designs they can use. 

Always remind them "ITS JUST CHALK!" That it will wash off!  Any mistakes are easily cleaned up and not to stress!!  

You will find sometime you will get someone who is very OCD and just can't handle it! So they may need to re-do it. I just like to keep up the gentle reminders! And show them "ITS JUST CHALK!"  

One of my favorite customers came to an open workshop frustrated with her previous attempt, in a busy evening class, of her vintage truck board. She was really not sure this was going to be a fun thing to do for her. I had her wash off the the whole design. During the evening she ended up washing the whole board another time but finally relaxed and when we were done she was so happy with the sign that instead of giveing it as intended as a gift she deciders to keep it and make another as a gift. 


It's really fun and a great way to get friends together and let creativity shine!!



In home Make-N-Take

Create N Take or Make N Take...  a fun time with friends.  This is more of an entertainment type party, they aren't coming over to flip through a catalog and this isn't your mama's tupperware party ok?! (sorry Tupperware, you know still I love you!)   They're getting something they can take home and really enjoy. Plus they are getting a quality time with their friends. Everyone will get to create their own unique decor piece, and have a blast!!"  


Jennifer Low & Kaylee

Shelby Rockwell & Takora

It truly is that simple! This is a product ANYONE can do. I know some people think you will need to be a craft master, which is just not the case!